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A little history...

History of Silver Run Lakes  Silver Run Lakes was started as a camp for children by Rayford and Nella Ruth Rogers.  They had this dream for the camp, but not the finances to support it.  They had 80 acres of land that they used as collateral to buy the acreage that is now Silver Run Lakes. 

They began building the lakes in 1961.  Rayford sold lots around Silver Run Lakes to help finance the project.  Most of the people who purchased the lots knew Rayford through his work.  They bought the property as a place to get away from the city and enjoy the serenity of the country.  By the time the Silver Run Lake dam was completed, forty-nine people had purchased lots on a lake site that had no water.  Most of whom wanted to build a get-a-way or use the lot for camping - they also had a vision. 

The children's camp started around 1962 and continued for approzimately three years.  Boys and girls from New Orleans to Laurel came to get away from the city and enjoy the country.  The children of many of the original 49 property owners were participants at the camp.  They enjoyed fishing, swimming, watermellon fights, trail rides, hay rides, camp fires and all the farm amimals and domestic pets.  The beef they were fed was raised on the farm and the vegetables they ate were grown there.  It was a life totally different from the city life they were used to and made for many happy memories. 

Rayford and Nella Ruth Rogers lived in New Orleans where he worked with the Louisiana Heart Association.  They came to Stone County every weekend to the farm they owned and where Eric now lives.  At that time they had David, Lowell, and Eric.  Carol came along before they moved to the farm from New Orleans in 1964.

Rayford died at Christmas time in 1985 before he could complete his dream.  Nella, along with the help of Eric, continued Rayford's dream and cleared lakes, finished a dam and installed a sewage system.  There are now 15 man-made lakes in the Silver Run Lakes subdivision.  Rogers and Silver Run Lakes are approximately 100 acres each. 

The following dates validate the history of Silver Run Lakes:
September 14, 1974.  A Charter of Incorporation was developed by the residents on Silver Run Lake.  The incorporators were P.G. Hickman, H.E. (Buck) Rogers, and Fred Stone.

November 1, 1974.  The Charter of Incorporation was filed with the State of Mississippi and is recorded in Photostate Book Number 214, pages 153 - 160.

February 14, 1976.  Rayford and Nella Ruth deeded Silver Run Lake and approximately 83 acres to the Silver Run Lakes Property Owners Association.

April 7, 1980.  The Board of Supervisors of Stone County adoped the "Stone County Subdivision Order - 1980" according to the statues of the State of Mississippi Code.  (Now we could officially be called a subdivision.)

May 16, 1986.  Notice of Assessment was officially filed with the State of Mississippi.  (Prior to this time, residents voluntarily paid $5.00.)

The above information was recorded by Joyce Rogers in the SRLPOA Newsletter, Spring 2004

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